Our Partner

Gravity Midstream is supported by a private equity commitment of $265 million from EnCap Flatrock Midstream ("EnCap Flatrock"). Established in 2008 by Flatrock Energy Advisors, LLC, and EnCap Investments L.P., EnCap Flatrock provides value-added growth capital to proven management teams in the midstream sector of the North American energy industry.

The firm is guided by a disciplined approach to value creation through the rigorous application of intellectual and financial capital. The firm manages EnCap Flatrock Midstream Funds I, II and III, which have approximately $5.6 billion in commitments from a broad range of prestigious institutional investors. The team at EnCap Flatrock offers the array of skills required to effectively meet the capital requirements of the midstream sector: deep industry expertise, significant operating experience, outstanding technical skills, industry recognition, contacts, financial sophistication and a demonstrated track record of success.